Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Regulatory Tools Go UFO: Useful, Free & Online

By Laurie Meehan

Despite your best efforts, if you’re active in social media, you’ve been drawn into pointless conversations.  Indeed, that’s why many people stay away.  But if you can tolerate a little noise, I’ve found the fruitful far outweighs the fruitless.  Case in point:

LinkedIn Member 1: “This looks like a great resource. I just hope they are planning on adding more countries.”
[I bet you wanna know what he’s talking about. Stay tuned.]

LinkedIn Member 2: “Don't you find it encouraging there are more and more online tools available to us?”
[Who is this sickening optimist?]

LinkedIn Member 1: “I do find it encouraging. What's the best way to keep up with all these new tools? Is there a web site keeping track of them?

Ok, I’m LinkedIn Member 2, and the short answer to the question about tracking is "no".  But I've been maintaining a laundry list of useful regulatory websites and online tools for myself, so thanks to this discussion, I scored my first blog topic for 2015.  In no particular order, here are some of the tools/sites on my list.  (The first in the list is the subject of the LinkedIn discussion above.)